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MobileAppMultiClip now available on the App Store and android market

Our application "Multi Clip" now available on the App Store and android market.
This application is useful for users who want to view favorite contents even if no reception,and want to save packet fee

MobileAppdescription about MultiClip

Multi Clip is an application for downloading and cache files on the Internet very easily. When you found some favorite files (photo,video,pdf) on the webpage(e.g. youtube),you can download and cache selected files at once. When you push "dl button", it search downloadable files from the webpage and will list up them. You can choice(tap the contents) files to download and cache,and push Download to start. You can view the cached files even if your mobile phone is not have any reception.You can save packet fee even if you view favorite file several times.

Main Features:
* search and listup downloadable file on the page
* content picker support for various types of documents (video,photo,pdf)
* offline cache file viewer (mp4, jpg,png,gif)
* download and cache multiple files at once
* save to dropbox (android only)
* file management
- view images,photos,pdfs
- play videos
- sort by name, size, datetime
- delete multiple files at once
* web search by google and view web content
* bookmarks
- add bookmark
- list bookmarks
- delete bookmark

Additions during the next upgrade:
* save to dropbox for iOS
* support the other site
* support the other file types

MobileAppApplication download

Available on the Appstore


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Available on the android market


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